Book Signing/Speak: Gibson’s Bookstore & Franklin Public Library

Gibson’s Bookstore :

Event date:
Friday, August 26, 2016 – 5:30pm
Event address:
45 South Main St
Concord, NH 03301

Franklin Public Library :

Event date:
Saturday, August 27, 2016 – 1:00 pm
Event address:
Franklin Public Library
310 Central Street
Franklin, NH 03235

A Child is Missing: Searching for Justice, with Karen Beaudin

Friday, August 26th, 2016, 5:30 p.m.Karen Beaudin presents A Child is Missing: Searching for Justice, the follow-up to A Child Is Missing: A True Story, which recounts the tragic murder investigation of Karen’s younger

efhabicesister.A Child is Missing: Searching for Justice is the result of six years of research and interviews done by Karen Beaudin, sister of murdered victim Kathy Lynn Gloddy. Brutally beaten, raped, strangled, and run over by a vehicle, Kathy was left naked in the woods three miles from her home on November 21, 1971. Still searching for answers, Karen attempts to gather information about Kathy’s murder from law enforcement, forensics, and medical professionals, and classmates. Karen, driven by truth and justice, researched medical terms, people, places, and dates, looking for answers. A child is missing: searching for justice is a heartfelt and insightful look into the long reaching effects of a major loss to a family. What this book shows us is that although the police’s investigation may have come to an end the families does not. Without finding out the truth and bringing closure to the incident it can tear a family apart. This book sees the family take steps forward consulting forensic and investigative experts to give them an insight to new evidence and re-examine evidence that may have been overlooked through the original investigation. Consulting with Karen on this book has been a perceptive experience that has re-enforced for me that there is a need for police departments to establish and invest in cold case investigative teams. This book should leave the reader and anyone involved in the criminal justice process with one clear thought – “The investigation only ends when the truth is revealed.” Harry J Smy Curriculum Coordinator: Science Course Lead and Lecturer: Forensic Science City of Westminster College London

Grief Diaries: surviving loss by homicide

The Merriam Dictionary definition of grief is, “deep sadness caused especially by someone’s death.” If that’s the definition of grief, they’ve never met someone who’s loved one was murdered. While I finished A Child is Missing: searching for justice, Lynda Cheldelin Fell was creating, Surviving Loss by Homicide, a grief diary. I was asked by Donna R Gore, national advocate host of Shattered Lives Radio to participate and accepted the challenge. This endeavor was a volunteer mission of many willing to tell their story with the hope it might help others through their grief journey.


Grief Diaries Front cover               efhabice


Contact the NH Cold Case Unit With Information on Kathy Lynn Gloddy Murder

Since the release of A Child is Missing: searching for justice individuals have contacted me with information about Kathy’s murder. I’ve passed this information on to the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit.

I encourage anyone with information about Kathy’s murder to contact the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit. You can leave detailed information with or without your name.

If you gave law enforcement information years ago, it’s important to contact the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit and give that information again. Leaving your contact information would be helpful in case they need to talk to you. Most likely, the original contact information you gave law enforcement has changed.

I am positive individuals have information detectives need. Now is the time to come forward and give them any information you have. And anyone that gave information in the past, make sure the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit has it and your updated contact information.


Several Ways to Order A Child is Missing: searching for justice

A Child is Missing: searching for justice can be ordered through me, copies are signed.

Click on:  A Child is Missing: searching for justice

They can also be ordered through Tate Publishing.

Now available on Amazon and bookstores everywhere.



Shipping Signed Copies of A Child is Missing:searching for justice

This is an update on shipping A Child is Missing: searching for justice.

I’m in Florida until the 18th and asked Tate Publishing to ship some of the books here. I brought my shipping materials with me in a separate piece of luggage so the books could be sent out. Yesterday, all the books were delivered to my house in Arizona.

It’s definitely frustrating. Names and addresses are on the envelopes and they’re ready to go. As soon as I get home the books will be signed and mailed on May 19th.

At least they arrived!

For a signed copy click on

A Child is Missing: searching for justice


Tate Publishing-A Child is Missing: searching for justice Published Author, Karen Beaudin

A Child is Missing:searching for justice:a true story is ready to ship from Tate Publishing to me.  As soon as I receive them, the pre-sale orders will go out. You can order at  A Child is Missing:Searching for Justice

Tate has chosen May 31, 2016, for the release date to the public.

A quote from A Child is Missing:searching for justice

“Dr. Roland H. Beaudry did the preliminary coroner’s report. Beaudry was deeply affected by what he saw that night. A doctor would understand the pain Kathy had experienced before her death. The blows she received would tell him part of the story. This affected him for the rest of his life. He had daughters, and the thought of something like that happening to them was terrifying.”

“Two days after Kathy’s murder, an area foot search was done where her body was found. Valuable time had already slipped away, along with evidence. Officers Guy L. Magoon, Gerald Gauthier, and Arthur Richard performed the search. Chief Everett Tucker and Alfred Miner from the Hill Police Department were also present. During ten and eleven o’clock in the morning, the search included both sides of Webster Street from Kimball to Route 11. The search didn’t provide any new evidence. Another foot search was conducted on both sides of the road of Flaghole Road to the Andover line. The starting point was Webster Street. That too didn’t produce any new clues about who committed this heinous crime.”