How Do I Honor My Sister Kathy Gloddy (44 Years-Murdered 1971)


November 21, 2015, will be 44 years since my sister Kathy Lynn Gloddy was murdered in Franklin NH. She was 13 years old. Detectives call her murder “overkill” and “brutal”.

No one has ever been arrested. Do I still wish for justice? Would I like the killer to be apprehended? Yes.

But I’ve come to a point in my life of not waiting for that to happen. Over the years, I’ve found other ways to honor her. By doing this, I feel she’ll be remembered for years to come as someone that helped others even after her passing.

I don’t live my life in bitterness, hatred, or jealousy. It’s not profitable in helping others and achieving a legacy for her.

Even though there was corruption in Kathy’s investigation, I refuse to believe everyone in law enforcement is corrupt. I’ve met some incredible men and women that serve us honorably.

After 44 years, Kathy has made an impact on so many and that’s what I want to remember.

She was a key element in forming the first NH Cold Case Unit.   They may not solve her case, but Kathy would be pleased to know other murders have been solved. Just because they’ve not been able to make an arrest, does not mean they don’t know who was involved.

Her story has influenced victims’ advocates. It helps them better understand what a young person is going through when their sibling has been murdered.

That influence has carried over into law enforcement. One supervisor told me after searching a bedroom during an investigation that he instructed his detectives to leave it just as they had found it. This was a direct result from reading A Child is Missing-a true story. He told me how Kathy’s story affected him and it made him look at an investigation differently.

Kathy’s influenced university students. After hearing about Kathy’s murder, one man told me it confirmed to him why he wanted a degree in criminal justice. He hoped to make a difference as a detective and would remember to be careful about the words he chose when talking with a family.

People know about Kathy in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and now Japan.

Long after I’m gone, A Child is Missing-a true story and A Child is Missing-searching for justice will continue to tell her story. The sequel will release names, places, and facts about the investigation. It was heartbreaking to write but necessary and long overdue.

After 44 years of missing Kathy, how do I honor her? This is how I honor her.

Love you Kathy

Janet’s WMUR Interview

My sister Janet did a good job with an interview with WMUR.  I must say it was shocking to see the video of Kathy in a car and popping up from what looks like a window.  To see her in motion is confusing.  She looks alive.

I’m not sure why someone would have such a video and not share it with the family until now.  It’s an item that we could have cherished.  Personally I have a hard time remembering her like that because her murder overshadows those memories.  That video showed another side of her that could have been valuable to us as a family.

When was the video taken?  It looks like it was very close to the time she was murdered.  It also looks like the shirt she had on the night she went missing.   The individual that held onto this video might have had information the police needed in 1971.  That’s disturbing.   Could this video have information law enforcement needed?

With six years of research and interviews I’ve done for the sequel A Child is Missing-searching for justice I have no doubt who killed Kathy.  Her case was and is complicated.  Sadly, unless multiple people come forward an arrest will never be made.

WMUR Video November 6 2015


It’s time for an update on the sequel to A Child is Missing-a true story. The book cover is done and approved. Tate Publishing took some of the suggestions I had for the cover and created what I think is fitting for the subject matter. I liked certain ideas from the two covers they created and they were willing to combine them and form a new cover. I’m thankful they were willing to work with me.

The manuscript is edited and now goes to layout. Tate checks all the grammar and makes notes on any issues they might see. I read the entire book to my husband Mike on October 17th and 18th. He graciously listened and I made any changes we felt were important. Fortunately there were very few.

In layout Tate will design the look of the book. How the pages and pictures will be placed for easy reading. This process takes approximately one month. Once that is done the book will then go through the proofreading process.

I keep Kathy and II Timothy 1:7 always in my mind. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

The Beginning of Production

I heard from Tate Publishing today.  The book is about to start production and will go through four phases.  It will take approximately four to six weeks to finish each phase.  Taking into consideration various factors the time could be less or extended. The first phase is editing, second phase is cover design, third phase is layout and the final phase is proofing.

While working on the editing the cover design preparation will begin.  Today I filled out my wishes and ideas for the cover of A Child is Missing-searching for justice a true story.  Tate is good about considering my creative thoughts and the last time the process was positive.

Here we go!


On Friday, July 17th, 2015 I finished the manuscript for A Child is Missing-searching for justice.  When the first three chapters took months to write I thought, there is no way I can write this. When you read the book you’ll understand. After six years of research, interviews, and writing it’s finished.

Let me correct that. The manuscript, dedication, acknowledgements, notes from the author, teaser, picture descriptions, and pictures have been sent to Tate publishing and now the editing begins.

I hope by doing some pre-editing before the manuscript was sent in it will cut down on some of the editing with the publishers. Fingers crossed.

I want to thank everyone willing to open up to me about Kathy’s murder and investigation. I know it wasn’t easy. To my husband Mike, thank you for the support you’ve given me during this long and difficult process.

I will update you on the process of editing and the date of release as it progresses.


Some of the materials I work with while writing A child is missing-searching for justice

Some of the materials I worked with while writing A child is missing-searching for justice


I’m still plugging away on the manuscript. For the first time there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I have approximately eight more chapters to write before I’m finished. My goal is to submit A Child is Missing-searching for justice to the publishers by the end of April. That includes the dedication, acknowledgements, author’s note and pictures. Once they receive the manuscript the editing will begin.

I have ideas for the cover and thankfully Tate Publishing is gracious to work with me. They did an excellent job on the first book A Child is Missing-a true story. Be patient, I’ve been working hard. Including names, dates, places, research, and interviews is time consuming and mentally exhausting. Kathy is my motivation. I want it to be right and painstakingly continue to research, interview, and check facts as I write.

Thank you Karen

Kathy Gloddy 13 Years Old                  302503_285710414777943_100000169599451_1387169_1817807669_n

When A Sibling Is Missing/Murdered

One, I want my sister back, alive and well.

I never had the luxury to see Kathy grow up. A murderer made sure of that.   More than forty years has past and no one has ever been arrested. Unlike some still waiting for the return of their family member, Kathy Gloddy was found the following day. Beaten, raped, strangled, and run over, then left naked in the woods.

Second, I want truth.

Mistakes made, lies told, stories embellished and cover-ups should not be part of an investigation. On top of gut wrenching sorrow, my family had to digest deceit.

Third, I want justice.

My sister suffered greatly and the murderer still walks. I’ve always wanted earthly justice for her and for those that suffered after.   What happened to her can’t be changed but others could have been spared.

Four, I want to make a difference.

I want Kathy’s name to be remembered and for the changes her story has made on others.

  • Her story is used in Unsolved Homicide Training Sessions in law enforcement
  • Change laws/create cold case units
  • Educate Victims Advocates
  • Gives university criminal justice students perspective
  • Helps others facing the long lasting effects of missing/murdered

 This is dedicated to Lisa Buske, a sister.



Kathy Gloddy                                             Heidi Allen

Kathy Gloddy 13 Years OldHeidi Allen