I’m still plugging away on the manuscript. For the first time there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I have approximately eight more chapters to write before I’m finished. My goal is to submit A Child is Missing-searching for justice to the publishers by the end of April. That includes the dedication, acknowledgements, author’s note and pictures. Once they receive the manuscript the editing will begin.

I have ideas for the cover and thankfully Tate Publishing is gracious to work with me. They did an excellent job on the first book A Child is Missing-a true story. Be patient, I’ve been working hard. Including names, dates, places, research, and interviews is time consuming and mentally exhausting. Kathy is my motivation. I want it to be right and painstakingly continue to research, interview, and check facts as I write.

Thank you Karen

Kathy Gloddy 13 Years Old                  302503_285710414777943_100000169599451_1387169_1817807669_n

When A Sibling Is Missing/Murdered

One, I want my sister back, alive and well.

I never had the luxury to see Kathy grow up. A murderer made sure of that.   More than forty years has past and no one has ever been arrested. Unlike some still waiting for the return of their family member, Kathy Gloddy was found the following day. Beaten, raped, strangled, and run over, then left naked in the woods.

Second, I want truth.

Mistakes made, lies told, stories embellished and cover-ups should not be part of an investigation. On top of gut wrenching sorrow, my family had to digest deceit.

Third, I want justice.

My sister suffered greatly and the murderer still walks. I’ve always wanted earthly justice for her and for those that suffered after.   What happened to her can’t be changed but others could have been spared.

Four, I want to make a difference.

I want Kathy’s name to be remembered and for the changes her story has made on others.

  • Her story is used in Unsolved Homicide Training Sessions in law enforcement
  • Change laws/create cold case units
  • Educate Victims Advocates
  • Gives university criminal justice students perspective
  • Helps others facing the long lasting effects of missing/murdered

 This is dedicated to Lisa Buske, a sister.



Kathy Gloddy                                             Heidi Allen

Kathy Gloddy 13 Years OldHeidi Allen

The Never-ending Effects of the Missing and Murdered-Heidi Allen

Heidi Allen

Heidi Allen Went To Work At A New Haven, New York Convenience Store On Easter Sunday In Nineteen Ninety Four And Was Never Seen Again.


A familiar story that other families across our nation have experienced. Child leaves home, never returns. Heidi, eighteen is a good kid. Goal oriented, she accomplishes her academic achievements ahead of time only to have it all vanish. Just like her.

Kidnapped and missing are the words used to describe Heidi, a lovely daughter, sister and friend. Turmoil consumes the family as they wait for news about the investigation.

Endless questions are asked while their minds spin in every direction. When did Heidi leave home? What was she wearing? Do you have recent pictures of her? Are there any identifying birthmarks? What are the names of her friends? A boyfriend? Do you know anyone who would want to hurt Heidi? These are a few of the questions asked while a family desperately tries to cling to their sanity. Trying to make sense of it all but never achieving it.

The Allen family hopes for Heidi’s return. The emotional roller coaster of her disappearance has taken its toll on all of them.

I understand the conflicts of murder. It goes beyond the day of the kidnapping or murder and investigation. If a perpetrator goes to prison for his act of violence it’s not a guarantee that he will stay there. Families often fight to keep them in prison or to make sure they serve their full sentence. Once the criminal is released a family’s concerns are retaliation

I know Heidi’s sister, Lisa Buske. I met her after a book signing in New Hampshire. She contacted me about my sister Kathy’s story, A Child is Missing. She’d been searching for a book to read about a sister that would understand what she was going through. Lisa’s written her own story called Where’s Heidi and uses it to give others hope at public speaking engagements. She honors Heidi with her book and through her faith.

The Allen family is in a battle because of the affects of the missing and murdered. In nineteen ninety-four Richard Thibodeau and his brother Gary were arrested for Heidi’s kidnapping. Gary was convicted and given twenty-five years but his brother Richard was not.

The family has endured great sorrow and continues to as “rumors” have brought the Thibodeau case to the forefront once again. A new witness has come forward saying another man was heard confessing to the kidnapping and murder of Heidi. Claiming her body was left at a secluded cabin. Last summer law enforcement searched for days looking for evidence in this area. Heidi was not found.

The details of what allegedly happened to Heidi were printed in the newspapers. The description was gruesome to say the least.   The family never heard this disturbing news before.

A Public Defender, Lisa Peebles, hopes to overturn Thibodeau’s conviction and a judge has agreed to hear the new allegations. We rely on our judicial system to work. Whether we feel this is right or wrong it must be honored but sadly it will be at the expense of the Allen family.

While the Public Defender and Thibodeau have their day in court and the media good or bad climbs on board to cover it, a family relives the nightmares of that ghastly day when Heidi went missing. The Allen family continues to hurt, intensified during times like this. Henceforth the title, “The Never-ending Effects of the Missing and Murdered.” Many of us know it well.

Please join me in prayer for this family.


Where's Heidi?

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The holidays can be painful for many individuals.   It reminds him or her of someone no longer with them. While your heart aches for the one gone, I pray you will embrace those still with you. Look for your missing loved one in those still living. In their eyes, smile, laugh, words and memories. My wish for you in the New Year is happiness and peace. Because you walk without them they continue to live, in you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


2014-12-17 21.32.07


Record American 2 Nov 24 1971On the twenty first of November, another year slips by since my beautiful sister Kathy was murdered.   November’s memories of nineteen seventy-one recap the loss my family has suffered.

A coward and pathetic man, beat, raped and strangled my sister. Running over her with his car, his tires left his final marks. All these years he’s been allowed to live his life freely while we tried to come to terms with never seeing Kathy again. Knowing what was done to her continues to wound us even forty-three years later. A lowlife took his anger and “I won’t be denied” attitude out on a thirteen year old girl. She fought you to the very end.

As I work on the sequel, research and interviews continue. I’m willing to talk to anyone that has information and encourage you to speak with someone in the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit.

Anyone with information on the activities going on in Franklin back in the seventies, I urge you to come forward. It takes great courage after all these years to do the right thing. I understand it may be embarrassing, conjure up memories you’ve tried to forget and release information you’d rather no one knew about.

Thank-you to those who’ve come forward in the last two years, I know it wasn’t easy. I’m asking for Kathy, it’s time to stand up for her. And if you will not, I will. When A Child is Missing-searching for justice comes out they will know…


Plymouth State University

I want to thank Mark J. Fischler and Kristine M. Levan, Associate Professors in the Criminal Justice Program at Plymouth State University, New Hampshire for allowing me to speak.  I enjoy working with students and truly look forward to the interaction when I’m done.  That’s when I see their passion come out for the career they hope to pursue. It’s rewarding.

I mentioned Theresa Reed, a university employee murdered in nineteen ninety-one.  With nods some acknowledged the case. Craig Conkey, already serving two life sentences for previous murders in nineteen ninety-two and ninety four confessed to killing Reed. He admitted to the murder while in prison in two thousand twelve. With this I talked about the word ‘closure’ and how a victim and their family might have a conviction but never closure.

My sister Kathy was brutally murdered in nineteen seventy-one and found the following day but that doesn’t give me closure. If there were a conviction today I still would not have closure. She and my family would have some form of justice but real closure would involve her return just as she was before the crime.   I do believe one day I will see her again, unharmed and as beautiful as she once was.

I’m thankful my sister Ann and my daughter Nicole were able to attend. I appreciate their support.

Press on, give back and don’t lose hope…

Speaking Engagement~New Hampshire

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT~Criminal Justice students are our future, invest in them!

Plymouth State University

17 High St, Plymouth NH 03264


Criminal Justice Department-Boyd Room 144 

October 15th, from 3:30-5:30

Open Event